About Us

Patrycja Bach

Owner & Dietary Expert
"Our mission is to get UK people and their families fitter, healthier and happier, shed some belly fat and fit into clothes that once were tight. Freshly prepared and delivered daily meals including: breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 healthy Bites."

A little more about us

We help 👉You put healthy eating on autopilot - no more hassle with shopping, meal prep or calorie counting.

Instead, you get home - cooked, beautifully garnished meals that taste as great as they make you feel 🥰.

Meals are cooked fresh each day using fresh and wholesome ingredients- free from all the nasties 🙈. No unnecessary additives, preservatives or processed foods.

Our menus are constantly changing with new innovative dishes every week that are calorie -controlled.

Nourishing, healthy, sustainable meals for whole day to help you decrease in body weight, build some muscle or improve your wellbeing.

We deliver our meals daily from Sunday to Thursday within Watford and surrounding areas.

We have worked really hard to source our sustainable packaging.
All our containers, foil and paper bags are fully recyclable ♥️!
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